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A game in which players use an imaginary blowdart gun (consisting of a player holding their hands to their mouth like a blowdart gun) to blow a dart at another player (the victim). Once hit with the imaginary dart, the victim must immediately lay on the ground/sit down and cannot move from that spot until another player removes the imaginary dart from the victim's neck.
"damn,today i got Henry with the Blowdart as he was mackin with that chick,had to sit down in front of her"

"Man, I had to save Austin after he got hit by a Blowdart shot by Doug during class today"
by brianlumpkin September 18, 2009
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When a man ejaculates into your mouth without warning you, and you furiously spit the semen back into his urethra.
"This dude came in my mouth without giving me the heads up, so I gave him the blow dart."
by Matt Smart December 26, 2007
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When a woman is blowing a guy and he experiences a fit of explosive diarreah
Dude, I just had a blowdart... sorry about your sheets.... and your girlfriend.
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
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Taking a straw and packing it with cocaine then blowing it directly into a friend's rectum.
I was so skeeted after Trever blowdarted me last night
by Sharty Party May 19, 2019
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The act of giving head to facilitate descent into a quick and easy nap or rest.
My boo was tired and only had 2 hours before work, so I gave her a blowdart to help her fall asleep.
by TeenCe April 19, 2018
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When you are fucking from the back and you cum in a puddle on her back. You then take a straw and suck up the cum half way. DONT LET IT TOUCH YOUR LIPS! You then shoot it anywhere above the shoulders!
Dude, blowdarted Becky so hard last night that she went blind. We now call her the One Eyed Bandit!
by Backwoods moonginer August 30, 2019
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