A sweet protective boyfriend who is almost always dating someone. He may not be really tall but he is adorable and sweet and funny and even though he has a really dirty mind and cusses alot you love him anyway.
Person A: Oh my gosh look at Trever he's so cute and sweet
Person B: but he has a such a dirty mind and he cusses all the time

Person A: I love him anyway
by desy15 January 18, 2020
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A trever is an extremely homosexual pink native american pirate who lives in a trailer making cocaine with his dad while they watch fish because his dad won't get cable or internet because he spends all of his money and time making and doing cocaine. Trevers hobbies include: Cocaine, stealing bikes, having gay sex and being gay in general.
Me:Hey trever whats up
Trever:I'm making cocaine, go away
Me:Can I use your bike?
Trever:Sure I have a bunch that I stole
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Trever (male) is the most fun-loving man in the world. Although he peaks at about 5 ft 3 inches, his attitude can be enough to supernova our sun. Trever always has something to say that is usually taken as complaining, but you can't blame him, as he doesn't get cell service as he is too low to the ground. Trever's strides are known to be very small, as he very well lets everyone know, especially on a hike. Don't be too judgmental though ladies, Trever has a MASSIVE sack. As he walks, sometimes it is known to touch the ground. Beware friends, if you try to mess with Trever, you will probably unintentionally hit him in the sack. You won't see Trever drinking a beer, because he will end up on the floor puking. However, he loves rum and coke.
*On hike*

Trever - Guys, slow down. My legs are too short, my strides are too small, my sack is dragging on the ground...

Friends - Wowww Trever you're suchhh a bitch. But we love you.
by indiancompanion October 11, 2011
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Verb. The act of making passionate love. Most widely recognized as the most beautiful thing two people can do with each other.
Person A: OMG! I think Billy and I are going to Trever tonight!!!
Person B: Uh, didn't you guys already Trever last Friday?
Person A: Oh, yea I guess we did. But we're Trevering AGAIN!
Person B: OMG you're SO lucky!
by PaperPlanes August 11, 2008
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Aka Treverthebest is the god of dragon ball. Toriyama himself has said he is the most powerful god in the dragon ball multiverse.
Trever is a god.
by Trever is a god December 22, 2019
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the best boyfriend you could ever have. he is my favourite person in the world. he is also the cutest person in the world. 🥺💗🧸 if you got a trever it is impossible to be sad when he is with youuuuu. 💎
everyone says you should date him till you do date him and then they all get mad at you but you don’t care because you are living the life. 😎🤙
everyone: ayo you should date trever!
me: *is dating trever*
everyone: wtf, he is my trever not yours. 😤
me: i- 🥲
by ur welcome ☺️ February 3, 2022
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“Trever” is my everything, he’s perfect.
by February 28, 2021
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