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v. The act of pissing on the private parts (over the pants only, weirdos... i mean c'mon..) of your friend with a group of people, a circus, an airplanes worth, a stadium or by yourself WHILE this said friend is passed out in a party from being drunk and dumb. (take turns for bonus points!)

The following day you must advise your said friend that "he pissed himself, ALOT". Only until a few years finally telling them the truth.

This definition is not responsible for those who attempt to dart, darted, or started darting people. AwesomerInc*
"While _____ was passed out on this party, me and a huge group of kids started darting the shit out of this one kid..."

"you darted him?"

"Yes, he was passed out so me and a large group of friends took turns peeing on the crotch of his pants. When he woke up we told him he pissed himself"
by AwesomerInc January 31, 2012
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V. the act of pushing one's tongue into the mouth of another quickly and pulling right out.
Outside the theater, he kept darting his tongue into my mouth.
by poopyshoe18 March 20, 2018
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Dart is another word for cigarette.
Gotta dart? *dude hands you a cigarette*
by Yourmomsux October 26, 2014
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hey, what kind of darts do you smoke?
i loves darts yiss
by justin112211 September 11, 2006
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You wanna chill here while i have this dart?
by da_man April 22, 2003
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"Keen to go outside for another dart?"
by Diego September 3, 2003
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