More British slang that pisses you off to hear when used in any situation where British people aren't being made fun of. Especially frustrating to hear when used in everyday speech, such as on a British web site where you're just trying to find photos of Keeley Hazell, but have to be exposed to this fucked British jargon in order to find some.
Blah blah blah pikey blah blah blah ninny blah blah blah I reckon blah blah blah bloke blah blah British annoyance.
by Fuckoffer November 08, 2005
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An Aussie term for a 'cool guy', random bloke, etc but must specify which kind of bloke.
by Aussie Carla July 18, 2005
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Modern British 'wide-boy' Slang for a sum of money. more specifically, substitution for the type of money involved: quid, pounds, dollar etc.
Said usually when large sums are involved and the speaker wants to make an impression of percieved wealth.
Two mates see each other in the street, one is casually 'showing off' his new Rolex Oyster by adjusting his cuffs in the hope of being noticed.

man1: "Cop your new ticker mate, Rolex? how much did that rush you?"
man2: "Hundred an fifty blokes off a geezer in the Lamb and Flag"
man1: 'thats a fair wedge of 'shola for a fake 'lex"
man2: 'its not fake its proper, mind you, it's probably nicked'
by Mr. Cunninglinguist August 31, 2013
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Most commonly a glass test tube with a hole an inch above the bottom, used for evaporating methamphedamine into the lungs for delivery to the brain(or whats left of it).
"Without the bloke, there is no getting high."
by JohnnyPure March 25, 2007
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In french canada it mean a stupide asshole.Mostly for english canadian.Not for american or people from england.
Ces christ de Bloke.Those fucking Bloke
by dan cooper 77 April 27, 2008
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-trapped smoke escaping from the stomach when burping

-to blow smoke with a burp
'dude, I bloked right in Mr. Wilson's face and he sent me right to detention.'
by extomkat January 21, 2009
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