The British/Australian equivalent of the American dude. Just as dude is sterotyped as a word for stoners, bloke has tough guy connotations.

In reality, they'reb oth just pronouns for a person.
Brit: Look at those drunk blokes pissing behind that pub!
by KrissURKringleGoodbye December 02, 2005
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Aussie term for a male Australian.
You do not use it in the same context as “Guy” or “Guys” In other words you do not call a group of men and women “Hey you blokes”. The term Bloke is exclusively for the fair dinkum Aussie man.
“I was over at Dave’s place on the weekend for a barby, Dave’s a top bloke
by Robby101 November 02, 2006
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I see their are some Americans I suspect of French or Ukranian origin on this site who have a grudge against the British. For your information the word 'bloke' is similar to the American 'dude' except that it is more symbolic of a regular guy. In other words it's connotation is not as gay as 'dude'.
Some bloke picked a fight with us on the street yesterday.
by Fortman September 05, 2006
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bloke is a word us aussies use to describe the typical aussie male. he loves footy, beer, bbq's, his family, australia etc... steve irwin is a typical aussie bloke.
"you blokes are legends"
by brooke_aussie March 24, 2007
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Mildly derogatory French-Canadian slang for English-speakers.
J'ai foutu le camp parce que j'étais tanné d'être entouré de blokes.
by vacherouge May 09, 2007
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A slang word mainly used by French Canadians in a derogatory way towards any English speaker; irregardless of their heritage.
"Maudit bloke!"= "F*cking Englishman!" even if "maudit" means "damn, damned or Hell" it is still used in lieu of "f*ck".
by Kojakmtl September 23, 2013
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