An extremely large bowel movement, or verb describing the production of said bowel movement. Named as a metaphor for the quality of Dwayne Johnson's (aka "The Rock") acting performance.
as a noun: "Holy crap, who left that giant Dwayne Johnson in my toilet it, it's gonna clog it up".
as a verb "Oh man, you seriously did not just Dwayne Johnson all over my shirt."
by sempr549 February 23, 2010
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A fine lad who spends his time making car movies and chugs alcoholic drinks on the internet. Not to be confused with The Rock, who is Dwayne Johnson's mortal enemy.
Walter White: Hey Jesse, you coming to watch Fast and Furious with me?
Jesse: You mean that dumbass movie with Dwayne Johnson in it?
by Shigekiyo Yangu June 26, 2021
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The sexual act of knocking your gf/bf out with a wrestling move then filling his/her anus with rocks
Thought the new fast and furious movie was so good I decided to do The Dwayne "Rock" Johnson to my gf
by Capt moist February 7, 2017
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John Xinas biggest enemy.
Both want to have the highest social credit score.
Supreme Leader: Xi Jinping the Pooh
Dwayne The Wok Johnson: “Nothing happened on June 5th 1989 in Tiananmen Square.”
by The Talibans friend November 2, 2021
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Person 2: Seems that he lost his dwayne "the rock" johnsons!
by damnilostmyballs September 24, 2021
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