Watch out that skirt doesn't show your nethers!
by T. Denton November 27, 2005
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A hell world in Minecraft. Certain mobs spawn there, such as Ghasts and Zombie pigmen. The Nether is accessible via Nether Portals
Person 1: I'm going to go to hell.
Person 2: Couldn't you just go to the Nether?
by buttonjammer August 14, 2012
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Nether realm,
1. Another world for myth creatures.
2. Demon world
3. A dimension of Evil or imagination

I sent the reaper back to the nether world where he came from.

I found a portal to the nether realm
by Dustin Hoblin November 14, 2007
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When you consume too much alcohol in the Netherlands. Also defined as the next morning after heavy drinking and you have a major hangover - this is derived from the words "weathered and Netherlands".
Damn Savannah I'm so nethered right now after those two pints of Heineken; Daniel and I were so nethered the next day, we felt terrible.
by Poopy Butts March 28, 2016
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dimetruis "oh my goodness, lets speed portal our way to the nether"
korl "okkk"
by 360kickrat May 15, 2021
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N is for Not
E is for Each
T is for Thermos
H is for Has
E is for Ears.
R is for Running
Not each thermos has ears.
by fite me April 24, 2017
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The area between a person's(male and female) legs; the crotch, the groin, the area where reproduction and the removal of bodily wastes occurs.
1.During cheerleading practice, while Jennifer was performing a cartwheel and the crotch of her outfit accidently slipped aside revealing her nether regions, little did she realize that Mick, who was jogging on the track nearby, caught sight of her wardrobe malfunction and suddenly had the irresistable urge to chuck it in her.

*a few days later...*

2.When poor ol' Mick accidently dropped the soap while using the prison shower, he had to bend over to pick it up, but this put his ass and nether regions into view, giving the other boys upstate a grand opportunity to tailpipe him and ram his shit in the wrong direction.

Mark H. Posting definitions on UD since last February.
by Mark H February 15, 2005
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