A euphemism for English-speaking person. Used by French-Canadians to describe their English-speaking counterparts, especially those living in the Canadian province of Quebec.

It is considered derogatory, despite the fact that the term is a direct adaptation of the neutral English term "bloke;" i.e.: just an average guy.

It is perhaps the counterpart term to "Pepsi" (or "pepper"), which Anglophones occasionally describe French-Canadians, especially in Quebec, is a "Pepsi," (because of their perceived ignorance about sound nutrition, and their alleged penny-wise preference for the upstart Pepsi over Coca-Cola, back when Pepsi cost the same but was sold in a larger bottle).
by countingmx July 21, 2008
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It may be used in Australia. In the UK it is a common working class term for an average, grown, working class man .It is used with macho leanings or ironically as such. The intonation sounds laconic&flat-footed enough to have originated in the North of England. Cockeney /UK dialect uses it like guy.
Bloke will never be a name as such. Since one of the lads or men , is a bloke"
by michele Piteo March 18, 2018
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american: a stupid person
english/aussie: a guy, a man
american 1: hey did youj see that kid? he just tripped in wet concrete!
american 2: what a bloke!

english person/aussie 1: my skateboard broke eight miles from my house but luckily this man picked me up and brought my here in his pick-up.
english person/aussie 2: sounds like a pretty nice bloke.
by bumblebea April 10, 2008
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When used by American servicemen in the UK the word 'bloke' means Englishman, as in a local. Because of the similarity between English and American-English languages it is common place for the US serviceman to fraternize with the indigent, local population, especially in pubs. The word 'bloke' allows US servicemen to identify someone as a local indigent.
He has never heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he's a bloke!
by WisconsinLimey January 26, 2010
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Noun -

British slang for a man that is typically stereotyped as being average or normal. Bloke is also sometimes used to describe a man who is normally seen outside in crowded areas. A synonym for this could be "Average Joe".
Person 1 - "Some guy picked up the pen I had dropped today."
Person 2 - "Sounds like a nice bloke."
by UncleDuckFace December 26, 2017
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