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when a girl licks a mans balls after a hot salty day.
girl i gots some sodium waiting for your mouth
by Reuben March 23, 2005
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London Australian slang for the Slug and Lettuce. A popular chain bar, esp. with those of the antipodean persuasion.
"Feel like getting pissed. Whatdyareckon?"
"yeah. slut and legless."
by Reuben February 15, 2004
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Similar to shareware, freeware is software that is distributed with no requirement for a license or under the GPL (GNU Public License) - that is, legally free software.
Note that this is different than warez; free versions of commercial software.
Windows XP is commercial software, but most versions of Linux are freeware.
by Reuben July 9, 2004
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A wierd guy who talks using random sentences, often found playing UniBall
"STFU Falmarin, you are a loser"
by Reuben September 3, 2004
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An mildly offensive word used in conversations to replace such words as 'shit' etc...
"That Mr. Smith teacher, he's a bloody punce!"


"Those blokes outside the resteraunt are punces for looking at us like that!"
by Reuben December 22, 2003
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An acronym meaning "What Would Chow-Yun Fat Do?"
He'd look cool and have a gun in each hand, that's what he'd do.
by Reuben May 9, 2005
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