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A "real man" is the what you young folk might call old-fashioned. Chivalry is not dead! A real man has manners, is polite, and considerate. He is honest and open and true to himself. He will fight for and defend the people that he loves. He is a hard-worker. He is not spiteful. He respects women and shows appreciation for all of his blessings. A real man is the provider of the family. He is strong, physically and mentally, and is never too proud to exhibit strong emotion. Once committed, he is faithful to only her. He does not watch porn or disrespect her in any other way. He helps with housework and is a role model for his children. A real man knows who he is, what he wants, and is grateful for what he has.
If you are 25 and living in your parents basement you are not a real man.
by Minx0003 December 11, 2009
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its kinda hard to define this cuz there is not that many in the real world. but a real man is someone who will hold ur hand in public, hang wit u wit there friends,tell u ur beautiful wit no makeup on and wearin nothin but sweats and a t shirt, NEVER play you, always tells the truth no matter wat, says he loves u more then once a day, has a good future and knows wat he wants in life, RESPECTS U!!!
there is no example of a real man
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A Real Man is a male who grew out from male hood. A Real Man loves God with all his heart, soul, and might along with nothing else. He treats all people the same because he has no anger. He is always right and leads people in the right way to go
President Trump is a Real Man. He has an obligation to always be right
by MonsieurNN May 18, 2020
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A man that does not wear a shirt. When ordering food from a local restaurant they will order a meal that is capable of feeding no less than 50 people, paid in full by another person who will never taste this epic meal. The meal will only be eaten in locations deemed manly enough for consumption. Areas may include municipal gazebos or the top or oil tanks.

If ever faced with a possible encounter with law enforcement a real man will immediately seek out the nearest barbed wire fence and position themselves on the top in an owl position facing the barbed wire. Once law enforcement is within eye contact distance the real man will drop their shirtless body from the fence making no effort to avoid or protect themselves from the adjoining barbed wire.

If ever questioned about the resulting and extensive damage to their shirtless body the real man will default to blaming a friend or co-workers cat, falsely calming it is a savage.

A real man always communicates via epic quotes.
1.) A Real Man: β€œReal Men Don’t wear shits anyway!”

Audience: *Silence* as everyone takes off their shirts

2.) A Real Man: β€œI’m not getting caught by no fucking cops for eating Mary Browns on top of the oil tanks with no shirt


Audience: *forever traumatized by barbed wire fences*
by Chicken Oil Fence December 12, 2018
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