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A popular seaside town in East Sussex. There is a number of famous residents there such as British Sun which seems to shine there all the time.
Everyone thinks that it is crowded with Old People. Although it is true that it has an above average amount, there is not THAT many. you should see Hastings.
Everyone thinks that old people live here but they are like so totally wrong because actually insane/Psycho druggies and pirates live here like me.
Yo sun, ever thought about exploring places other than Eastbourne?
by K-Scrawl July 04, 2009

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Blates -
1. Obviously
2. in full view of something
well 'Blatantly'
by K-Scrawl October 07, 2008

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1. to totally destroy something
2. to be completely drunk
3. to be exhausted
4. to steal
1. "Lets trash that cardboard"
2. "You get trashed drinking that"
3. "Man I am trashed"
4. "Lets trash the place and take the stuff"
by K-Scrawl October 07, 2008

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A bunch of racist retards who think that people who believe a certain thing are not british and shouldn't be able to fly in and out. they say that mixed racist relationships should not be aloud cuz it ruins the family tree. but they are fools as everyone is actually from a black desent
British National Party: You are not british
Person: yes i am
by K-Scrawl August 29, 2009

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A police officer.
The pigs rule the Donut shop.
by K-Scrawl February 03, 2009

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A derogitary slang for a british labour MP.
Oh no, our town's mp is AFQ.
by K-Scrawl April 09, 2009

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“That new track is off the hook...”
by K-Scrawl October 07, 2008

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