Secondhand (used or stolen) bling;
Commonplace bling; Tired, outdated bling;
Scratch, dent or crack damaged closeout bling;
Knock-off, wanna-be bling from the 99c Store.

Like costume jewelry, it don't spark and catch the eye;
but with dark glasses, you pimpin',
PAUL CROUCH ON TBN: "Mr. T why don't you wear all those gold chains that you are known for anymore? You look 50 pounds lighter!"

MR. T: Well, Paul, after I saw all the sufferin' in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I decided right then that bling was BLANG. I couldn't flaunt my wealth in the face of all that suffering."

(Besides, them niggas'll kill ya.)
by Chango Bolamongo October 9, 2006
Slang words made popular through hip-hop and rap, such as bling-bling, crunk, and fo' shizzle, are considered blang.
by Mookie13 November 7, 2007
Blang is a word that describes the slangs used by bitches, it's a short for bitch's language.

Some people even say blingo as in bitch's lingo
Rio is a blang that means Riyadh
by coldE February 6, 2011
cheap, tacky, ersatz or plastic immitation bling; especially referring to wannabe trendies.
Every time I turned around, there she was - the latter-day groupie. Her vapid prattle was damned annoying, but it was her blang that shouted "Airhead! Airhead!"
by Llewellyn Kriel August 19, 2005
the opposite of bling bling,to,describe something uncool,badly dressed,poor performance,bad quality etc...
Damn that new album i bought is blang blang,cheap gold for srotters
by Bladedaddy September 23, 2005
If something is blang blang, it's not really ballin at all, it's silly, cheesy, or trying too hard. Often used in reference to ghetto people trying to be ballers. Cheap rims, fake jewelry, off-brand gangster clothes are all blang blang. Also can be used sarcastically to refer to one's own lack of blingness.

Usually it's said by itself, not in a sentence. Upon seeing or hearing something, one will say blang blang.
Keisha: Gurrrl!!! I'm a balla wit mah new mexi-tint for mah car and mah new JC Penney street clothes!!
Friend: BLANG BLANG!!!
by Mala Kaigoldberg December 19, 2008