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Just say, NO!
Avoid the temptation
Relax, don't do it ...
Take a cold shower.
Mebbe later.
"John Mark Karl, the despicable human being that he is, was able to RESIST THE URGE ( if you believe even a shred of his horrible claim to have been 'present when JonBenet Ramsey died'."

"We must RESIST THE URGE to enact laws criminalizing fraudulent confession hoaxes or alleged "intentions of evil".

But killing civilians in 'holy war' and disturbing the peace of innocent minds by systematically causing injury of threat or terror, should be quashed by the fullest extent of all civilized law and power. ...

"We've RESISTED THE URGE for long enough. I say 'NUKEM'.",
by Chango Bolamongo October 08, 2006

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Secondhand (used or stolen) bling;
Commonplace bling; Tired, outdated bling;
Scratch, dent or crack damaged closeout bling;
Knock-off, wanna-be bling from the 99c Store.

Like costume jewelry, it don't spark and catch the eye;
but with dark glasses, you pimpin',
PAUL CROUCH ON TBN: "Mr. T why don't you wear all those gold chains that you are known for anymore? You look 50 pounds lighter!"

MR. T: Well, Paul, after I saw all the sufferin' in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I decided right then that bling was BLANG. I couldn't flaunt my wealth in the face of all that suffering."

(Besides, them niggas'll kill ya.)
by Chango Bolamongo October 09, 2006

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First thought to be a misspelling of metro-sexual; however,
it is now believed this little-used term can mean:

1) Someone whose sexuality involves hot, fiery, brilliant streaks of all-consuming, high-flying acrobatics with an emphasis on the impact. OR,

2) (In-comprehensive to me) Having sex while falling from the sky; as with parachute or in free-fall. <?!>
"Melissa is not only a flexible gymnast and championship ballroom dancer, but she's a full-on METEORSEXUAL. I didn't know what livin' was before I met her."

"Hey Joe, I heard that group of jumpers (parachutists) you took up yesterday was part of a Meteorsexual Club. Word?"
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006

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After much experience with rejection, frustration, disappointment, and betrayal one may achieve this enlightened perspective.
No longer shall this one be as gullible in being fooled by deceptions (smoke and mirrors; promises and lies) as the brain is thereon conditioned to "miss' the illusion.
"Now that I'm sufficiently MISILLUSIONED I hopefully won't get fooled again."
"Sadly, however, the down side to being MISILLUSIONED is distrust and paranoia."
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006

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How I feel every time my definition is << CANCELLED >> before even reviewed by UD editors. I must say, it's mad agony and 'disdress'.

Dejected, put down, not accepted, excluded ... REJECTED, that's it.
Yet the trauma left me in shock -- electrocuted, no electrifried.
"I was so devastatingly REJECTIFIED that my doctor prescribed me Klonopin and Celebrex."
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006

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A veritable vision of vegetable vortex is all I saw in my head ...

when I contemplated the bumper sticker sermon plastered before my face on this miserably sweltering backed-up freeway that dog-day afternoon.

It read: "Visualize WORLD PEACE !!!!!!!"
"I could much more easily imagine a green tornado of PEAS twisting a funnel on the horizon than I can picture Islamo-Fascists laying down their arms."

FATHER FIGURE: "Son, why are you convulsing ?! What's wrong?"
(whisper:) I see dead people."
by Chango Bolamongo October 08, 2006

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1) Intense misery and suffering, and distress.

2) Insufferable static cling, pinching and bunching (and embarrassment?) wearing this dress.
"Raul's natural insecurity as an illegal alien and his angst in social settings caused him MAD AGONY IN 'DISDRESS' as he suffered through the long chow line at Hobo Park."

"I gotz me MAD AGONY IN 'DISDRESS' because I have some unresolved issues. Maybe you'll like it if it fits you, Raul. Or should I call you Raula?"."
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006

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