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Riyadh is the capital and largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The word Riyadh is a plural word of garden; which used to be in a long time ago. It's has the biggest malls in the Kingdom. Most places like restaurants, drug stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and hospitals never close. Other stores like shopping malls, retail stores, and auto stores are forced by the law to close by 12:00 am; for security purposes.

Its weather is mostly hot and dry in day time, but nice and cool at night. People like to walk and gather in coffee shops at night, but rarely around 12:00 pm. People like to shop and buy their needs in the evening, when the weather is cooler. Therefore, all stores open after 4:00 pm, but some stores open earlier in the morning.
(1) I have lived in Riyadh for 19 years.
(2) I wish if can go back to Riyadh after bing stuck in America.
(3) People who don't like Riyadh must get back to where they belonge.
by Abdullah S. Z. April 30, 2007
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person 1: did you see riyadh today?

person 2: yeah he was being a crack head
by cooldud_5050 May 29, 2019
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Sexiest motherfucker out there. Occationally destroys pussy and looks fuckboyish but is most certainly not. Can get many and any girl. Be careful he can get pantys wet
Damn I’m Riyadh.

Your boyfriend looks hella riyadh
by Dark bitch queen November 16, 2018
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By far the worst place on earth. people are show offs and they get busted by close minded religous groups that tour the city. In the summer, you don't get sun burns, you get fried the heck up. Literally, no business is open after 12 PM.
I got Riyadh the Hell up
by sam O'dell June 04, 2006
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Part of the Nazi Germany SS for sweat squad in every game he plays. Wants to fuck a girl called Paige but never will get the chance.
His family is all the seagulls in Egypt
He's the most bisexual man?/woman? in the world who likes to suck off the everyone he meats
He failed No-Nut-November on October the 1st.

When he beats his meat in public the police say how is your cock so fucking small?
Riyadh generally likes penis but not his own
"Paige come here let me put my super tiny dick in your mouth"
Riyadh you are so bisexual go fuck your little-circumcized brother
by sc96 November 21, 2018
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