When a woman who is wearing see-through pants with no underwear bends at the waist revealing her vagina. It looks like a bank robber wearing panty hose to conceal their identity.
{Mike} Check it out - Meghan is the getaway driver to that bank robber.
{Dave} God bless armed robbery.
by TheMuttonMan September 27, 2012
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student from Lehigh University who loses ~$4000 through online poker and proceeds to attempt to rob a bank to pay off his debt (unsuccessfully).
Lehigh University Sophmore Charged With Bank Robbery
Police Say Fraternity Brothers In Getaway Car
A class president (Greg Hogan) at Lehigh University has been arrested and charged with bank robbery.
by bank January 24, 2006
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When you are having sex with a chick, you get one of your friends to come in the room without her knowledge, and you switch places with him, without her knowing. You then leave the room and do something to attract her attention, such as going outside her window or going back into the room.
So I was doing this chick and me and my friend pulled off the bank robber and she was pissed
by littlebigdick February 7, 2009
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When you take your ballsack and stretch it out on someone's face like a ski mask
Last night Anderson made me a bank robber
by LAZY DAVE November 26, 2017
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When entering a public bathroom and the stink is so bad from some asshole that you have to pull your undershirt over your nose like an Old West bank robber.
Happens a lot in Corporate America where some jackass has eaten their rotten pig anus for lunch and then proceeds to expel the vile remains without using a Courtesy Flush.

"Christ the toilet smelled horrible but I had to piss so bad I couldn't go anywhere else. Then I remembered the Bathroom Bank Robber"
by Shickey Mickey February 17, 2012
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Parking your vehicle so as to make a hasty escape; Parking right in front of a store's entrance to enable one an "In and out" experience and not waste alot of time walking to and from the store to your vehicle.
Dude's in the bank robber position. Yeah, he must be in a hurry.
by Ed Monkey November 12, 2007
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An individual who seduces you, (generally female) and begins having intercourse with you only to make you release your semen, which they promptly steal to either sell or donate it.
Last night, when I was coming home from the bar, I swear this lady was a sperm bank robber, luckily, I didn't fall for it...
by The silent bun7 September 25, 2018
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