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When you see an black actor put in the background of a TV show or commercial merely as a token or to fulfill a quota.
This commercial could use some blackground. Someone grab the head shots and see who we can put back there.
by Stockford March 12, 2008
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More common in the southern states, such as Georgia, Florida, and Tennesee, The Blackground is the area in the back of a school bus or regular city bus(or even trains and subways) where blacks often congregate, in can also be the front of these vehicles. Not out of segregation, but by choice, the blacks often group together, especially teens. They generally cause shenanigans to occur. Resulting in:

Why white people don't like black people that much.
Busdriver: Go sit in the back, theres no seats up front!

White Boy: But I dont wanna go in the blackground!!!

Busdriver: too bad sunny.

Black Girl: My weave is loose!
by WhiteGuy1107 October 30, 2009
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African heritage. Rather than referring to your African-American-or-whatever background, simply refer to your Blackground.

That way, you have more time to wear weaves and adopt stereotypical black catch phrases.
Norman: Nice two-foot afro you have there, ma'am. I'm assuming you have a blackground.

Yolanda: Cracka whaaaat?!
by Gossip Who? January 31, 2010
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1. A black background on a screen, paper, etc.

2. A black (african) heritage.
1. "The best desktop background is a blackground, imo."

2. "I've got a rich african heritage, a blackground if you will."
by ShitYarn December 13, 2014
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