A magical place where you can witness many strange particles of knowledge. Such as to never touch a crossdressing stripper's purse, never. That just because an ancient pimp and a cowboy look alike, they won't always get along. The city bus is a great place to meet people, normal or other. If you walk to different places, sometime you should try the city bus, you will probably get a good story out of it. Beware of drunken homeless people though.
I chose the city bus and got robbed! Yay angry neo nazis!
by Rebel_Tin December 9, 2005
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a Demeaning term given to a promiscous girl and or woman.
to be involved with a girl who is a known slut is to "get on the bus"
"shes kind of like a city bus, i mean your friends tell you "dude, DONT get on the bus, the driver is totally crazy, its dirty, theres no seatbelts or protection of any kind, you dont know who has been on that bus, theres probably other guys on that bus right now as we speak!"
by Dan Murphy June 6, 2007
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