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A hick little county in Indiana that the most exciting thing in it is four large nursing homes. Most of the people are a average of forty years old and most of the younger people do drugs and tell every one how much they hate this little county . Ironicly Most of them tend to have kids and stay in this little hick vill thanks to the low cost of living.

This could also be used to describe any small county that has a population where most of the inhabitants are born in a county rarely leave and have kids and die in it hating every day of it.
ME:I currently live in blackford the hick town of Indiana. Every one has a total obsession with sports and the only form of income is fast food. "God I hope I can get out of here!"

40 Years latter...
AGGG why am i still in this hell hole!!
by resident of blackford November 01, 2007
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1. n. A wideboy cockney fucker, prone to driving fast expensive cars
Look at that cunt over there, he reminds me of a Blackford I used to know.
by Rennie May 10, 2005
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