someone who is easily controlled, offers very little resistance to what someone else wants to do, and backs down easily
"Carrie is such a pushover," said Mark. "She never stands up for what she believes in and is always letting people walk all over her."
by Ashley November 3, 2003
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o em gee will pinhead is such a pushover
by yeyee420guccigang May 21, 2019
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Someone who does things for the best interest in others. They only want people to like them and will do anything for it. They will also do anything that others want just to make them happy.
"John doesn't usually do anything for anybody but himself."
"Yeah, he's just a pushover when it comes to pretty girls."
by Carlos Rodriguez October 31, 2007
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A person who has to be sub serviant around another person is a pushover.
Shawn's coworkers wanted to find out how much of a pushover he was.
by Solid Mantis February 14, 2018
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Someone who is easily made to do things, even if they don't want to.
I got him to lend me £100, even though he is struggling financially he's such a pushover.
by Shazza2020 January 14, 2020
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someone that will do anything because they want to be liked
Amelia: I had to give her my password. I'm literally such a pushover.
by imcoolloveme April 8, 2019
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