A type of cigarette made with tobacco and the spice cloves, that makes you feel a little bit high. One clove cigarette is the equivalent of three tobacco cigarettes.
Let's go smoke some cloves, it'll put us in the mood for a joint.
by Dealer Drew July 06, 2004
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An evergreen tree (Syzygium aromaticum) native to the Moluccas and widely cultivated in warm regions for its aromatic dried flower buds.
A flower bud of this plant, used whole or ground as a spice. Often used in the plural
My clove incense comes from an evergreen tree.
by Dan November 03, 2003
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A word used by Irish Bostonians meaning good, great, grand, or wonderful
That movie was clove
by -tmac June 03, 2003
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a cigarette, commonly made in indonesia, that emits a pleasant and sweet smelling odor. commonly smoked for it's taste and it's use as an ice breaker at parties/social gatherings. contrary to popular misconception, they do not contain fiberglass. the oil leeched from the ground cloves causes staining of the cigarette paper and frequently causes a crackling sound as its heated while the cigarette is smoked.
hey, is that a clove you're smoking?
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
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A type of cigarette with a sweet smelling smoke. Cloves are generally imported from indonesia, the two most prevalant brands being Djarum and Sapoerna. They typically are a harsher smoke then most normal cigarettes, being that they don't contain chemicals that cause them to be "smoother." Cloves are a mix of approx. 60% clove leaf and 40% tobacco. Although many people claim, most research has indicated that cloves are no more harmful then normal cigarettes (the misconception comes from the harsh smoke) and they typically contain fewer chemicals like those found in normal cigarettes (arsenic, cyanide, formaldihyde). Cloves also contain a chemical eugenol that mildly numbs the mouth. They are also known as kretek
Cloves aren't any worse for you then your marbolo's
by msugi October 10, 2005
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A common name for the Djarum brand of kretek cigarettes. The name clove comes from the clove content in the cigarette. These cigarettes burn longer, are longer (but slightly skinnier) than regular cigarettes, and taste sweet.
They are also referred to as kreteks, because of the noise they give off when inhaled (pop, pop).
The smoke they give off is pleasant smelling and also contains something that numbs the smokers mouth/throat after smoking one. Also called Blacks, because of the black paper they are wrapped in and the larger bold faced lettering on the package reads: BLACK

They are on the expensive side (only draw back).
Comes in packs of 20. Djarum has many different varieties including vanilla, super, supersmooths and cherry (plus more)

Another nick name is Christmas, because the smell of the smoke is often related to the Christmas season.
Hey man, can I bum a clove off you?

Are you smoking blacks?
Ya man, totally worth $6.50 a pack

Dude, yesterday I was moving Christmas decorations for my mom and I opened the one box and it smelled just like a Black.
by osiris010 March 08, 2009
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