A kid that is bad, in other words a bad kid. Mainly bad at everything. A bad kid can never do anything right or well, he or she sucks at everything, alot. bad kid Levi Jay
Man, that Levi kid is a bk to the max!!!
He cant even ollie on his skateboard!!!
by JC Bullivan July 27, 2006
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Boner Killer. A person, image or situation that kills your boner
dude, that ugly chick was a total BK
learning that i had 4 exams that day was a wicked BK
by the manmeister June 21, 2007
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Having a series of misfortunate events happen to you in a brief period of time.

A combination of dance moves in which one thrusts his/her fists in an alternating pattern to the beat of a song, preferably to electronic music.

A popular fast food chain
After we went out I was BKed; got a speeding ticket, received a parking ticket, lost my wallet, and cracked the screen of my cellphone all before midnight.

Girl: "Yo did I see you at at Kitty O'shea's last night?"
Guy: "Maybe"
Girl: "Yeah I saw you on the dance floor doing the BK"

Guy 1: "Hey have you tried the new BK breakfast bowl at Burger King?"
Guy 2: "Yea man, that shit is bomb!"
by choopes molson December 16, 2010
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BK is used all over in the gamer world, refering to the phrase "Bad Kid." It pisses people off on Xbox Live and other systems when called a BK.
Synonyms: Noob, Unexperienced, Suck.
"LAWL! You should just snap your disk, BK."
"lolzzz wow i just raped jordan 1v1...what a BK."
by SH BLAZE January 15, 2008
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A BK is: A "Bad Kid". This is an insult, most commonly used in online gaming. Where "Bad" is a reference to one's skill and not to behavior, and "Kid" is referring to the level of one's maturity.
Franky aka "Jam" is a BK.
by Sm0kescreen February 10, 2007
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BUZZ KILL-some one who puts a damper on your good time
commonly used with the sound and hand gesture to disguise the name calling (bzzzzzz+ a clap of your hands: as if you were killing a bug)
jim your such a bk, why do you always have to ruin the fun?
by mellyx0 May 07, 2008
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