The abbreviation for "bad kid". This term is applied to one who is bad at anything at all. From video games to sports, you can be called a one at any time, anywhere, and while attempting any activity.
Did you really miss that snipe? WHAT A BK!
by Thelovelyneighbor October 08, 2009
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A fist bump/fist pound. Usually said in a mocking tone in order to highlight the rubish way that meat-head males continuously fist pound for no reason.
"BK me one after that awesome ace!"
by mmmwwwahahniu June 30, 2009
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"Bad Kid" Often used in online video games
Duncan just threw a rock at that car!
What a bk!
by stevedub August 30, 2007
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BK is used all over in the gamer world, refering to the phrase "Bad Kid." It pisses people off on Xbox Live and other systems when called a BK.
Synonyms: Noob, Unexperienced, Suck.
"LAWL! You should just snap your disk, BK."
"lolzzz wow i just raped jordan 1v1...what a BK."
by SH BLAZE January 15, 2008
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Common term used for a man or woman who is on their grind or are known to hustle on a regular basis. Finds its roots with a man named brownwest, known for his relentless hustle and underground dealings.
"This man is on that bK level sh*t."
"If you don't got a name, and you dont know what to say, dont mention bK."
"Moving that brick like bK"

by Hollowtipz February 14, 2007
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An acronym for Bad Kid. This has no relation to being a BA or a BAMF. This is the person that gets on your nerves and you just hate.
Go to hell you're such a BK.
by 2Fresh4U January 07, 2008
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an extremely bad kid. Usually used in the game of halo
wow ur such a bk! u can't even BXR n00b
by nish licker June 05, 2007
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