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The female version of "mansplaining," this word was made in response to women using mansplaining, a word that was solely created to dimiss real problems that men face.
Bitchsplaining is term used in response to when a women says something really sexist /retarded saying it reflects society as a whole with no evidence at all.
"This pole is oppressing me because it straight which is harmful to the feelings of gay people," says the women. Your response to this should be "Bitch stop bitchsplaining and make that pole a sandwhich."

A lady was bitchsplaining how string cheese was sexist and saying it was more important than helping the homeless.
by lakamokolaka June 11, 2016
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Similar to "Manslaining" Bitchsplaining is when a woman typically aligned with third wave feminism, explains something, while using the same bigotry and sexism that they claim to want to stop.
Mary: "You cis white men, need to know your place, and stop being so racist"

John: "Thanks for the Bitchsplaining episode, can you answer my question. What do you want to eat?"
by FeMythBuster July 07, 2016
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A portmanteau of 'Bitch' and 'Explaining' coined in response to the emergence and use of the term 'Mansplaining'. Bitchsplaining describes the act of explaining something in a manner deemed condescending.
Woman- "Oh, are you babysitting?"
Man- "No, i'm their father"
Woman- " Do you want me to explain how to make their lunch?"
Man- "No Bitchsplaining is necessary, thank you."
by insertwittyscreenname December 10, 2016
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