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Any sweet, carbonated bottled drink containing 5 to 7 percent alcohol (vodka, rum or wine) generally consumed by women as an alternative to beer.

In North Vancouver, it's abbreviated "B.P." in "polite" company.
Honey, I'm going to the store to get a case of beer. Would you like me to pick you up some bitch pops?

Wally isn't into beer. He only drinks bitch pops.

Mother-in-law, would you like me to get you a B.P.?
by Angry Pete August 19, 2006
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A bitch pop is any malt beverage that is not a beer. ie:Mike's Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice
Can I get you another bitch pop?
by cnstrukt November 28, 2004
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n., adj. - In music, bitch pop refers to a music sub-genre that identifies pieces of pop and hip-hop music where a (generally female) singer "bitches" about something. The lyrics of bitch-pop songs try to convey the idea that the world (or part of it) is either evil or wrong and against the singer. Also in this category are songs where the singer justifies a behaviour that is generally considered wrong (such as selfishness or promiscuosity) with the excuse that she is just being herself, standing up for herself or being a strong woman.
She only listens to bitch-pop!

A classic example of a bitch pop song is Christina Aguilera's "Can’t Hold Us Down".
by JasonFaldoro December 21, 2006
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