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When someone (usually female) uses a very annoying and "holier-than-thou" tone to try to prove a point usually through the form of a long list of grievances or complaints.
She has such a bitch voice!

I'm not going to listen to you seriously with that bitch voice of yours.

copy paste plz:
by dkdefender69 September 13, 2008
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A term that usually refers to something that someone recently told you about. You probably weren't listening or don't care; or they were acting like a bitch when they said it. You generally repeat what was said to you back to that person in their face (Remember you don't care) but when you say it back, you add whatever thoughts you were thinking of-essentially NO FILTER. Also you say it back in a higher pitched voice but not too much. That is known as too much Bitch Voice and your meaning and intent will be lost. If done successfully this is going to cause them tremendous confusion if its never happened to them before. Remember its very European, impromptu and most importantly of all demeaning and crude as possible. Remember NO FILTER and has to be personal or thoughts you were thinking while they were talking Bitch Voice! Theres no rules and no subject is off limits. If you get under their skin you win, if they don't say shit back you win. This is a great stress relieving tool the more you practice and talk shit the better you get. Try to speak it as a native.
Drew: Hey Sam do you want to go to the movies tonight?

Sam: No I cant my ex is going to be there and she has a protective order against me, I also don't really feel like going out and I'll probably just stay at home and use your XBOX Live and Netflix subscriptions. I also have a veterinary exam in the morning.

Drew in Bitch Voice (BV): Ummmm uhhh Drew I'm a piece of shit and I like to beat women, also my pussy hurts so I'll probably just stay home and slap it. I cant hold a job down and pay for my own shit either bc like I said earlier I'm a piece of shit and I shit semen.

Sam: What the fuck was that?

Drew: That was bitch voice, its all I heard come from the cum dumpster of a mouth of yours

Sam: Is that necessary?

Drew: Probably not, but who cares point is your a piece of shit and never want to hang out.

Sam in Bitch Voice: Ummm Uhh Sam I'm a faggot and I don't have any other faggot friends and boo who I have PTSD cry for me. I wish this body weight would leave me as quick as my wife did, because I'm a fat fuck.

Sam: Shut the fuck up!

Drew: So movies?

Sam: Yeah fuck it!
by Pay1720 February 17, 2014
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