To be stealth, unseen, invisible or ninja-like.
I can't find my keys...I think they went bitchtits.

I'm so embarrassed I wish I was bitchtits.

They were so quiet, they were nearly bitchtits
by The4Pillars January 25, 2011
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massive man breasts which may require the use of a bra.
A:"Yo...who's that fat shit over there..with the huge bitch tits?"
B:"Man..thats TJ bro"
by Barry B July 02, 2004
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when a steroid users nipples become sensitive and supple like a woman's
yo bitch tits'
by assylum January 06, 2009
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Son: Dad, do you need a bra
Dad: What?

Son: Dad you have freaking man boobs
Dad: Why are you looking?! No I don't!
Dad: WHAT?! -slaps son-
by MadHatter96 December 02, 2010
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1) Feminine breasts present on a male's body; the progeny of steroid use, over-eating, or horomonal disorder.

2) A derogatory nickname for a bitchy, silly, annoying person of objectionable moral fiber. Can be used affectionately, or seriously, normally in a command statement in the latter case.
-> "John does tons of 'roids, and has a strange testosterone deficiency, and thus has a set of knockers that merit the wearing of a C-cup sports bra at all times. Man, does he have some bitchtits!"

-> (Dialogue employed for illustratory purpose)
Ando - "Yo bitchtits go get me a coors light!!!"
bitchtits - "I don't want to!! Wahhh!! Did you know I'm a pro paintballer?"
Ando - "You're a bitchtits! Your pathetic nature rules out the possiblility of your posessing any athletic prowess, ever!! Go get me mah fuckin beer!"
bitchtits - "Yes master"
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