It was like "attack of the bimbi" last night at the club.
by sjbrian November 21, 2005
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A prison inmate; generally a nickname for a friend (guy or girl) that you have gone through a lot with.
Guy- "She's my bimbi- we do everything together. We go on vacation, travel the world together, and know eachother inside and out."

Girl- "My bimbi, he knows me so well he could finish my sentences"

(Originated from the name of Malcom X's prison inmate, who went by the name Bimbi)
by Surfer4life57 January 17, 2008
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1. A dimwitted young woman.

2. A dimwitted young woman who expects to be forgiven for anything she does because she's 'cute', whether she is in fact attractive or not.

Adaptation of the word bimbo.
"Christina teased me until I hit her. What a bimbi."
by soberloki May 28, 2005
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A little purple and pick bean created by REDACTED
Person 1: did you see that BIMBY fellow?
Person 2: yeah! That little fellow looks cute
by Anonymous user 986743 February 4, 2022
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A slang word for a woman's vagina.
" Her dress was so short, i could see her Bimbi."
by emsquishi November 16, 2009
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A girl, usually blond, who makes barely audible humming noises when she speaks.
The Bimby Flower is trying to speak, but all we hear is a slight humming.
by meta_4 January 5, 2011
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