(n.) a term of endearment. a nickname you give someone if they are someone you like. an insulting yet cute nickname that teases someone you like.
by proudstydiot June 3, 2018
there’s three definitions for bighead:
1. mostly used by who can’t really express their real feelings to their crush
2. an annoying/rude/conceited person (you should add "stupid" in front of bighead for this.)
3. one that conan gray uses- "(bighead), the most endearing way to tell someone that they’re dumb as fuck"
1. hey bighead :)
2. stop being such a stupid bighead!
3. ur such a bighead don’t you know better?
by voicenoteslol January 4, 2020
when you call someone a bighead, it’s because their head is full of love from you

a nickname for a crush that you don’t and will never tell your real feelings to.
by voicenoteslol February 10, 2020
Someone with an overly sized head.
Mark: Hey, have you seen bighead?
Robert: You mean David?
by Anonymous Perth June 19, 2008
ass fuckin show off who nobody likes
red headed people are bigheads mostly.
by nickduck April 17, 2007
term originating from Jamaica that typically means an emptied cigar that is stuffed very tightly with marijuana. A large joint or blunt.
Pass me the blow torch so I can light this bighead
by BMOO August 7, 2006
Person A: You know whos a real bighead?
Person B: Taylor Lee Jackson?
Person A: Yep. He's a BIGHEAD
by taylorsabighead May 24, 2011