adj. Much more than usual, to the max.
That suct big time!
by Downstrike December 24, 2004
When one person whom you know, acts like they are too cool to say hi or acknowledge your existence.
You were with your friends at dinner and you big timed me.
by Don Kershaw December 11, 2007
Usually used at the end of a statement, summing up the subjects extremity.
Im hungry..big time!
by west26 August 15, 2007
The Act of intentionally being late or too busy for others
You were really stuck in traffic...I thought you were just Big Timing me.
by Prime-Time July 10, 2009
The act of blowing off plans with a friend, at the last minute, when something better comes along.
ME: Hey Killa E, are we on for lunch today? Or are you big timing me?

Friend: Nope! I have a party I'm going too! Peace!
by Gumbo $4 2 April 3, 2017
The Act of screening a phone call with caller id and not taking the call.
"I called you three times yesterday, what are you Big Timing me?"

"You better not Big Time me when I call, asshole!"
by k-10 August 9, 2006
To break a committ or obligation because you’ve decided something or someone else is more important.
James big timed drinks with Billy to listen to DMB records with Jamie.
by TommyTouchdown March 11, 2019