8 definitions by k-10

The Act of screening a phone call with caller id and not taking the call.
"I called you three times yesterday, what are you Big Timing me?"

"You better not Big Time me when I call, asshole!"
by k-10 August 9, 2006
A Redneck who is missing a bunch of teeth. They keep them in their pocket.
"Did you see that guy? He had like 15 teeth..... 8 in his pocket."

That guy had 15 teeth, 8 in his pocket.
by k-10 August 9, 2006
To pass a silent but deadly fart right after someone lets an audible one fly, therefore staying under the radar and allowing that person and others to think that the entire stench was from the audible fart.
I had to drop ass so bad, and I knew it was going to stink so I waited until Dave let a loud one rip and I went stealth ass on him and slipped one in under the radar.
by k-10 May 10, 2007
A tag along or third wheel. When someone brings a third party that was either uninvited or unwanted.
"Who is coming to the party?"
"Mike with a side order of Jeff".

Mike is bringing a sideorder of Jeff to the party.
by k-10 July 25, 2006
1. To be constipated.
2. To be messed up or f'd up, or to mess with someone
"I need to take a shit, I am all jammed up!"

"Did you see that chic's nose it was all jammed up"

by k-10 October 3, 2006
Term used by a half Jewish half Catholic to express an exclamation.
"The car is going to cost $5000 to fix? OYE VEY MARIA!
by k-10 September 28, 2006