(verb) to explain a maddeningly simple concept to some poor interloper with a mile-thick skull. At times you feel like a Sesame Street character demonstrating the art of bubble blowing to an audience of half a million bile-stained, catatonic 2-year-olds.
is there any other topic you'd like me to fucking big bird for you?
by tintintin February 26, 2009
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a big ass yellow homosexual bird from a little kids show
big bird was taking a shit on a chiminey and his ass cought on fire
by baka_kuso_yarou December 9, 2004
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a twat that always has her legs open for everyone
"god did you see hollie pullin a big bird"
by TeeJ Tourettez October 6, 2009
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Yo man, I'm gonna go get some beer and waffles at big bird want anyting while I am there?
by duck March 28, 2005
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