When you inject a bicycle pump into an uncercumsized penis and pump it up till it is a size similar of a softball.Can work with a cercumsized dick but ussually done with an uncercumsized one.
Female:"What the fuck are you doing?"
Male:"Making a Big Bird."
Male:"Aything for your pleasure my dear."
by Andrew Sanchez February 01, 2008
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A large Caucasian female with an unusually large, malformed behind. Tends to wear yellow clothing and mumble incoherently. See also Skank Biscuit
Hey Big Bird come here and fix this server.
by Chad April 09, 2003
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Any female with very large mammary glands, tits, breasts, boobies, hooters or whatever you want to call them.
Man 1:Holy **** man look at the size of that girls tits!!!
by Shadowstalke January 31, 2008
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Big Bird's are normally very weird, energetic, and never stop talking because of there big beaks. They normally have one group of friends they sit around the nest with, if anybody messes with the best he's the first to attack. Don't mess with big birds.
Ohhhh shit big birds coming
by sesame street gang May 21, 2014
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