Archaic slang. Implies that someone is so important that he is the biggest wheel on the carriage. Slightly derogatory. Also see big cheese.
"The big wheel wants you in his office right now."
by Calire Ilars April 5, 2005
military term used to describe someone who thinks they are always right but somehow manages to fuck up whatever they do.
You might wanna put the car in reverse instead of drive the next time you wanna pull out of a parking spot there big wheel.
by DrewDeezy October 12, 2007
Big Wheel - One who exhibits the outstanding ability to course women into sexual relations through speech, actions and general flyness.
Friend 1: 'Did you see bobby big wheel at the dance last night?'

Friend 2: "Yeah he had all those bitches on lock."
by BobbyBigWheel July 5, 2009
Alternate name for big disgruntled guy who works at Burger King.
Co-worker:"What's goin' on, Big Wheel?"
Big Wheel:"Ugh."
by Bill February 15, 2005
A guy who plays the role of a big shot. Big attitude. Big timmer.
I heard "Bobby big wheels " is coming by with six strippers in his Lambo. It only seats two? He's got two in the passenger seat, one on his lap and his minion is driving the other three over.
by Tony parsnips September 5, 2019
That friend that everyone has who thinks that he/she is gods gift to the opposite sex, and who talks huge game, when they really have none.
Check out Bobby Big Wheel at the bar trying to work his magic
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Means still pushin the drugs and still on top!
Lil girls still pushin big wheels
by Karlizz November 8, 2006