A phrase coined by Garrettonimus Horne I, the highest level of self-actualization. Personal Nirvana.

A philosophy adopted by big bootyists.

Also see: Big Bootyism
We need some Big Booty Young Money!

You know what the kids are saying: Big Booty Young Money.
by Garrettonimus March 13, 2013
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The greatest man on earth, can’t be beaten at all, and best of all, he is from the South Side. That’s right, he’s a legend. What can you do but admire his ginormous suitcase, and his little money. He’s a massive gamer what can I say.
by Amogus Impostor A-A-Ron March 08, 2021
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overused tiktok sound on sports tiktoks. Yeah, my money big body, my money Tonka
Yeah, my money big body, my money Tonka
Messi is better than penaldo
by jidion23 January 07, 2022
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A large financial institution that has billions to trillions in capital. These are your market movers, i.e big banks, hedge funds, mutual funds.
SND: "The swiss franc will never drop below 1.2 EUR"
Innocent trader: "WoHoo, I'm going to put 70:1 on this trade"
Big money: "these innocent traders are 70:1 long...I'm going to do the big short"
innocent trader: "my life is over.. now I have to sell my house..."
by countchokcula April 28, 2021
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Big money Mike is a term used is orange county to describe someone who is extremely wealthy. Usually the person can buy whatever he/she wants. Big money Mike's make an excessive amount of money and don't know what to do with it. Someone who makes over 100 k. Also known as a baller.
That big-money Mike is going to pay for us tonight.
by Omario516 January 21, 2018
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The morning that you get both a paycheck and stimulus check/tax refund deposited into your account.
Jim: You ready for that big money wake up tomorrow?!
Joe: Aw man! I don’t get paid til next Friday.

Jim: Sucks to suck, missing out on that big money wake up.
by Killerpook March 15, 2021
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phrase used to describe somebody who made a statement showing off their "wealth"
John: Did you get that old pair of adidas you wanted?

Bob: Nah, i decided I'd get the new pair of Jordan Cool Greys that just came out.

John: Oh shit, big money weezy over here
by a trizzy December 23, 2010
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