The class in Team Fortress 2 that everyone hates, but everyone plays as. Seriously, playing Spy will take your soul. If you actually want to help your team win, you play as Heavy, Medic, or Soldier, NOT Spy!
Soldier (Voice): Spy!
Obviously A Spy: Peekaboo!
*Soldier gets backstabbed*
*disguises as Soldier*
Medic (Voice): Spy!
*Medic gets backstabbed*
*disguises as Medic*
Engineer (Voice): Spy!
Obviously A Spy (Voice): Spy!
Engineer: Spah’s sapping mah sentry!
*Engineer gets backstabbed*
Spy: Did I throw a wrench into your “plans”? *laughs in French*
by Windows Error November 25, 2019
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The spy? how is here still here? does he still on a killer streak?
Spy from tf2 be like:
"Hey there's a spy around here."
by JoJo2014a July 2, 2021
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n. a person or thing designed or trained to infiltrate or extract information from a normally impenetrable source, usually while disguising themselves to evade capture.

v. to secretly watch an operation unnoticed; to act like a spy.
James Bond is one bad-ass spy; this is a private conversation, stop spying on us; we're sending in our top spies to gather information.
by Adam Black July 18, 2003
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Someone who suffers from intellectual from disabilities, aka a retard.
Bob: Why is that guy licking that window?

Rob: Because he’s a spy.

Bob: You’re right! Let’s go listen to Chubby Behemoth brand podcast!
by p1@typu5 September 26, 2023
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A person who is very prepared for any circumstance; esp. if they have many gadgets, items, or tools they carry on their person.
Wryan is spy as fuck today. Did you see all the stuff he had attached to his key-chain?
by Bee Wreck December 14, 2009
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A term used to describe someone who is good looking or hot
Dude, try get her number coz that chick is spy!
by malkhail July 2, 2010
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A secret group which works to stop the secret orginization living inside school walls from recruiting new members, and making more big, round holes in the celing tiles
S. P. Y. *altogether* Spy.
by Sally, Polly and Y April 1, 2004
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