A wedgie given to someone who has not wiped, usually due to reasons beyond their control.
As Ernie came out of the bathroom, I gave him a Big City Wedgie to which he bemoaned, "What's your problem man? I didn't wipe! That's not funny!"
by Mark X August 4, 2008
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A sex position where the two consenting adults smash their butt cheeks together repeatedly.
"We were in the middle of nowhere, I had to show her how do it big city style."
by mister grumbles May 8, 2019
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Originally made popular by the heavy metal band, The Scorpions, a "Big City Night" is any night which involves debauchery, fun, or excitement (or any combination thereof). The deliberately vague term, "Big City Night" was probably designed to apply to as many people as possible. Whether a person is having a "Grand Metropolis Evening," or a "Little Village Afternoon," is unimportant.

Any given person's "Big City Night" may be classified as a cool story bro by any other person, unless said person was participating in the big city night himself.
Guy 1: Remember that time last week when we went out for a night on the town?
Guy 2: You mean the night when we went to sixteen different parties and blew up a minivan after going to a BBQ and purchasing no fewer than seventy hats?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Guy 2: I'd definitely say that we could classify that as a big city night.
Guy1: My thoughts exactly.
by Powerful Force December 8, 2010
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It's a line from the 1987 film RoboCop. Spoken by an executive of a weapons manufacturer immediately following the death of his colleague at a failed demo of their new mechanized law enforcement robot. The character exemplifies the callous, dog-eat-dog mentality popular amongst business execs in the 80’s. It borders on sociopathic — similar to the nature in which Patrick Bateman speaks in American Psycho.
Cox: Too bad about Kinney, huh?
(Kinney shot to death by mech minutes ago)
Morton: *shrug* That's life in the big city.
by Proto Following Chomo January 23, 2021
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A liberal whose views have been shaped by life in a liberal leaning city, and as a result, has become stubborn, biased, and prone to making assumptions about society that aren't necessarily true.
After Dave went to art school in New York City, he became a Big City Liberal and is unable to think for himself.

"Stuffwhitepeoplelike.com" is a website that is more or less about "Big City Liberals".
by grabbo964 March 19, 2012
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A girl/guy whose attractiveness gives them a high score on a scale of 10...but only because they live in a small town where everyone is kind of fugly. But put them in the nearest big city, and their score is cut in half.
I was at a bar in Pigfuck, Iowa, that had a bunch of girls who were pasty and had lots of zits. They were hot for the area, but were still Big City 5s.
by hbdanny February 6, 2010
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Another phrase for women who are bangin’ hot. Girls who you would definitely smash and dash, ejaculate and evacuate, Cum-n-go, yeet the skeet. Women who are nothing but bodies to be wrecked, preferably by guys who participate in sports and other extracurricular activities that can be seen as athletics. (Thanks to Letterkenny)
*Hot girls walk by...
Reilly: Wow, now that’s a Big City Snipe, buddy.
Jonesy: Definitely a Big City Snipe, buddy.
Reilly: Wanna canoodle in her pink poodle, bud.
Jonesy: Slide deep in the pink wormhole, bud.
Reilly: Reel out a big one from my zipper spot, bud.
Jonesy: Gettin’ down and dirty with my 7 inch furry, bud.
Reilly: Ferda!
Jonesy: Ferda!
by 3.14 Pied Bro March 16, 2021
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