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Originally made popular by the heavy metal band, The Scorpions, a "Big City Night" is any night which involves debauchery, fun, or excitement (or any combination thereof). The deliberately vague term, "Big City Night" was probably designed to apply to as many people as possible. Whether a person is having a "Grand Metropolis Evening," or a "Little Village Afternoon," is unimportant.

Any given person's "Big City Night" may be classified as a cool story bro by any other person, unless said person was participating in the big city night himself.
Guy 1: Remember that time last week when we went out for a night on the town?
Guy 2: You mean the night when we went to sixteen different parties and blew up a minivan after going to a BBQ and purchasing no fewer than seventy hats?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Guy 2: I'd definitely say that we could classify that as a big city night.
Guy1: My thoughts exactly.
by Powerful Force December 07, 2010
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