A joke that was trending a couple years ago. When you are at a dinner with your parents and your boyfriend, you say “daddy, can you pass the salt?” And then the boyfriend and the father both reach for it
“Man she totally embarrassed me in front of her parents”

“What did she do?”

“That pass the salt joke”

“Dude you are dead
by xoxo Meg December 24, 2017
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Forget about it, get over it and move on; stop; cease
Larry: "I really want to know the meaning of life"
David: "That's ridiculous. Pass the salt."
by financeisfun August 13, 2015
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After you catch someone hating . Yoy acknowledge the hate then move on

When you call out a salty person
Henry was hating on the cool so I had to call him out - pass the salt

JP told everyone tony called in - pass the salt
by falconado June 27, 2017
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Your playing a game of zombies or cod and this motherfucker gets in your way and you die for some stupid ass reason and you can say PASS THE SALT jokingly asking someone to let you kill yourself
you: what the FUCK

Motherfuck: ha ha what
You:get the fuck out
Motherfucker: no

Dudes got you in a corner

You : seriously get the fuck out

Motherfucker: no Faggot

Zombies come to get both of you and you down


you know what fucking... Pass the salt
by Aiylmao August 31, 2015
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Venting on someone who didn't deserve it, simply because you are salty (mad).
"Shut up you're annoying!"
"I know you had a bad day, but there's no need for you to pass the salt."
by Twooof March 13, 2020
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The punch line to a joke in which the teller tries to get the "tellee" to laugh at a joke that isn't funny.
Two penguins are sitting in the tub. The boy's in the front and the girls in the back. The boy turns around and says "pass the salt"
by TelephoneTag June 22, 2008
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