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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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To be seriously demotivated.
To be disinclined to get off one's arse.
To be unwilling to do something.
by Alex January 09, 2004
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A term used when one really cannot be bothered/wants to/has to do something.
Mum: "Clean yer room."
ME: "Can't be arsed!"
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006
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Used as slang for.

I can't be bothered.
I need to go to town but I can't be arsed.
I should be doing some work but I can't be arsed.

This is the original definition.
Alternate saying
I can't be asked.

Apparently more polite but means
I've gone deaf?
I don't understand the question?
I don't understand English
I could write more definitions but I can't be ARSED and no one has ASKED me to.
by ** February 25, 2017
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