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A little known term for someone being your best friend and boyfriend. Seldom used.
Alice: Oh Jason guess what?

Jason: What?

Alice: You're my bfbf.

Jason: What does that mean?

Alice: It means you're my best friend and my boyfriend.

Jason: Oh.
by it's_strictly_sexual June 13, 2010
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As is obvious this is the naming a fat, did I say, BIG?, bitch face. One who is just a bitch. Cannot be happy under any circumstances.

A case of Big fat bitch face, abbreviated as, BFBF, should not be confused with, but is related with, plain old Bitch face, Elf dick face, Midget Dick Face, Fuck Face Bitch Face, and many other bitchy afflictions.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for bitch face. There is a possible reduction of Big Fat Bitch Face, but results may vary and one should consult their physician before receiving treatment, surgery, or trying other invasive procedures reducing bitch face.
Ron: "John, why are you dating that Holly, she has a severe case of Big Fat Bitch Face?"

John: "She puts out man. I know she plans on lipo and diets like crazy."

Ron: "Bro, you are my BFF, but you gotta lose that BFBF. You can do better."
by T_rump_supporter November 27, 2016
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This is an abbreviation i came up with meaning :) best fuckbuddies forever.I was SURPISED when i didnt see it defined on urban dictionary.i was thinking it wasnt original but hey i geuss it is :D BFBF!
Jack:I Love you

Shelly:sorry that wont work because were never gonna date.Benifits is all im lookin for

Jack:so ur saying we are gonna be BFBF?

by SheldanArrisa April 05, 2009
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Big Firey (or flippin') Blue Flame. Used as a saying to ward off a large inferno or warn someone when someone disobeys basic fire-safety rules.
My friend put the paper plate on the gas range and quickly turned it off. So I said BFBF!

I yelled "Dude! BFBF!" as K. Gibler went to set the 5 year old newspapers onto the halogen torcheire which was turned on.
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