6 definitions by katlyn

To Kiss Someone Wildy and with Passion. An English word as English people Rock.. Lord_Death smells.
by katlyn August 3, 2004
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one of the greatest fucking bands in the world along with ac dc
led zeppelin is the greatest
by katlyn March 6, 2004
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A Mean person who calls people Maids :-( + He needs to get it on with Tweety:p
MeanDigga is Mean.:(
by katlyn August 1, 2004
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having a bitch fit or gettng mad because your bitch wont fuck you
omg! your pissing me off im going to have a bf!
by katlyn June 24, 2004
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To yell before a dork/geek/or annoying person comes.
"FORE" yelled the cheerleader, as a comperter geek aproached.
by katlyn February 19, 2005
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one of the greatest rap groups ever. Im their BIGGEST fan ever
by katlyn March 6, 2004
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