Houston TX Legendary Graffiti Pioneer 1995. BeZerk helped push Graffiti in the street, but also put artists in galleries to get them paid. Real HTown OG
That dude BeZerk, started doing Graffiti in Houston before anyone
by Cadillac Shanks January 18, 2021
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Going wild/crazy/fucken nuts.
He found out his mom was a whore and he went bezerk.
by Ange|Fyre November 10, 2003
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A person that searches for the truth of an occurance, event, or conspiracy. They show a willingness to keep a open mind about new theories and subjects, a desire to invesigate relentlessly, apply information from whatever source to try to explain the problem, use their imagination and speculation freely, and always, ferociously and without stopping, reject lies and seek the truth. A group of people is a Team Bezerker. Originated on the Bezerk thread at Godlikeproductions.com
Are you going to be a bezerker on this thread?
by househug September 22, 2010
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(Acronym) Binuclear Extreme Z Energy Regulated Kinase

When High energy particles such as neutrino's bombard a living cell and effect DNA changes through activation of the pathways that affect externally regulated kinases.

This is most likely during a cophasing of demension and time interactions.
Are there any Bezerk effects from the comic wave yet?

Will Bezerk be good or bad for me if I am exposed?
by househug May 11, 2011
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It was a decent somewhat metal band. I like them. It's pretty cool, and it might be annoying to certain people but, I kinda like it. I think they disbanded but I dunno..
by D: April 30, 2005
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either a boat ride at kings dominion amusement park or a man who performs fellatio on other random men who practices judaism.
"Like omg wtf bbq, I'm too scared to go on The Bezerker." or "Crikey, did you see that bloody bezerker!"
by Stephanie & Lauren July 9, 2004
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American Legend Happy Hardcore DJ, Creator of Ruffneck Playaz Crew (www.RuffneckPlayazCrew.com). Originally from Washington,D.C. now in Providence, R.I.
DJ Bezerker can battle DJS

by bezerker January 31, 2008
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