A genre of electronic music that stems from old skool breakbeat hardcore. Typically has a stomping 4x4 kick drum, crazy synth lines, a breakbeat (sometimes), and pitched up vocals.

Happy hardcore is known as a fairly un-pretentious, D.I.Y. genre, with a dedicated group of listeners and DJ's.

It gets the party started right.
"Hey man, what do you say we grab some Pabst Blue Ribbon and hit up the illegal warehouse rave...i hear there is gonna be some bangin' happy hardcore!"
by OnoSendai May 12, 2003
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Ok, to clear this all up for the people that dont know what there talking about on here...

Happy Hardcore is a type of Hardcore Electronic/Techno music that started around 1991 and reached its peak in 1996 and died off aroudnd 2000. Many people get Happy Hardcore mixed up with "Modern" Hardcore. Happy Hardcore often consists off High vocals, more bouncy (Rather than Hard) Drum Beats and soft but fast Base Lines that run at about 160-180 BPM. Synth lines are usally pretty high. Some good albums which hold "Happy Hardcore" goodness are the Bonkers Albums 1-5, anthing later is starting to evolve to "Modern" Hardcore. Chav's think they Like Happy Hardcore, but, In reality, they will have never heard any Happy Hardcore songs because they think shit like DJ Rankin' and Cammy are Hardcore... It isnt....

Now, to clear up what "Modern" Hardcore is. This kind of Hardcore started to take "Happy Hardcores" place during the early 2000. Modern Hardcore has done away with the "Bouncy" drum beats of "Happy Hxc" and now incorporate harder beats and more agressive Base lines. Vocals now arn't as High and synth/lead lines have been lowered, except for a few good exceptions in some songs (Eg. Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey). Hardcore is also often coupled with an MC.

So, I hope this clears everything up of what, basiclly is the Real Genre of "Happy Hardcore". Another Genre of Hardcore msuic which has evolved and stuck close to Hardcore is Gabber.

Just for you still dumb enough not to understand.

Happy Hardcore = 1991 - 1999
Hardcore + Gabber (Modern) = 2000 - Present

So, remember kids, Most chav's dont really listen to Happy Hardcore or HxC. They listen to shit like Rankin' and cammy. real chav's hate Happy HxC. XD
Also, dont get HxC mixed up with Ibiza type dance music, yes DJ's like Tiesto and Paul Van Dyke are good, but its just not Hardcore.

Peace out.... H T I D!!!!!
Hey, Wanna come to HTID in the Sun '07? There playing all the newest Hardcore tunes. Its gonna be awesome!!! BTW, they will also be playing some porper awesome oldskool Happy Hardcore!!
by Zero Form May 7, 2007
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Happy Hardcore stemed from the likes of Carl Cox back in the late 80's. It was about, as many have already said, the faster beats, the highhats, snares and 4x4 kick's. Not forgetting, ofc, the pitched up vocals. Truelly a defining moment for me, and many many others in the UK when it truelly took off. Orange/Rocket in London, Helter Skelter, the raves in fields in various Rural places after meeting up in a convoy on the m25. It was a time when people where truelly there to express themselves without the anger and agression, without the "bad Boy" image (that Jungle started and D&B continued!). If you remember ZeroB Locakup, Trip to Trumpton (Steve Jackson...blast from the past!) and Xenephobia (go with the flow with an E and rush me, xstacy, it really gets me going....).
Happy Hardcore: The Green Apple (Pirate Radio), Orange, XL Records, Red'n'Yellows, ZeroB Lockup
by Sy4 August 8, 2006
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electronical music...branch of techno that kicksass...gets a rave going...
hey man look at me rave to this dopeass happy hardcore
by carmel August 24, 2003
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Electronic music that sounds like Smurfs on speed combined with sped up Ice Cream van music. Good stuff when you need a quick pick-me-up.
Couldn't take it no more, So I became Hardcore!
by Goon October 19, 2004
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Take a Dance music, inject some steroids in it, and that's it! You have Happy Hardcore!
To create a remix about of the tune called Sandstorm, Audioscape, a Happy Hardcore artist, injected steroids in it.
by Mister Epic December 23, 2010
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music to listen to when in an altered state of mind.
p1:shit, it feels like im in the music!
by tk December 4, 2003
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