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A person that searches for the truth of an occurance, event, or conspiracy. They show a willingness to keep a open mind about new theories and subjects, a desire to invesigate relentlessly, apply information from whatever source to try to explain the problem, use their imagination and speculation freely, and always, ferociously and without stopping, reject lies and seek the truth. A group of people is a Team Bezerker. Originated on the Bezerk thread at
Are you going to be a bezerker on this thread?
by househug September 22, 2010
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either a boat ride at kings dominion amusement park or a man who performs fellatio on other random men who practices judaism.
"Like omg wtf bbq, I'm too scared to go on The Bezerker." or "Crikey, did you see that bloody bezerker!"
by Stephanie & Lauren July 08, 2004
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