saale betichod, kya kar raha ahi?
by none June 24, 2003
arre betichod ab apni biwi ko bhej
by amit pintu September 16, 2003
An incestuous relationship is one involving sexual intercourse between a father and daughter
Donald Trump is a betichod because he really likes to fuck his daughter Ivanka, and has said so on national TV.
by Jmaxicon3000 November 20, 2019
one who fucks his own daughter
oh i was shocked to hear that raj is a betichod
by league.of.legends November 23, 2021
Hindi slang. English meaning is "One who fucks his own daughter". Incest father.
Aabe betichod aadmi!!.... You daughter fucker!!....
by Orion Caspar July 24, 2018