What you call a person with diabetes without having to say the whole word.
I was at a nudist colony and Betes over there shot up with insulin before munching some box.
by J. Miller February 2, 2005
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by ? January 4, 2005
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A name for an unknown creepy disease (taken from the end of "Diebetes", but not actually refering to diabetes"
I bet she has a serious case of the betes.
by cratch April 17, 2008
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When you eat so much food you get full blown diabetes immediately
by ArchdukeDiabetes September 30, 2018
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French, literally for black beast; also referred to also as bugaboo. A term collectively used for extremely smart, and beautiful dark haired girls that lack the ability to be nice for extended periods of time under normal circumstances.
Look there is Holly Smith, the bete noire of Thompson Hall.. Her unfathomable meanness drives me to wonder why I am still so kind and friendly to her.
by an unknown friendly guy November 16, 2011
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some pink demon child from glitchtale who hates monsters

yet got killed by a monster
How ironic.
That monster got extremely pissed and enraged and killed bette in seconds
"Hey you know bete noire?"
"Yea, she got what she deserved."
by emperorbelos April 7, 2022
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Instant diabetes; a form of diabetes contracted in a single bite of something.
Maple glazed bacon donuts are delicious, but beware: Three bites puts you at serious risk of insta-betes.
by lebonj February 1, 2010
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