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A drinking game in which the players have to throw a ping pong ball into the other teams cups, that are set up in a triangle formation on the other side of the table (usually a ping pong table). If the ball goes in, the other team has to drink the beer in the cup. The first team to have all of their cups hit, loses. "Beer Pong" is another term for this game, however Beruit or 'ruit' is used more commonly on the east coast, namely Boston. Ruit games get really intense on the east coast, and ruit tourneys are not uncommon. People get really into playing.
-jim and i won the ruit tourney last weekend. jealous?
-dont you mean beer pong?
-no thats not at all what i meant.. i use the word Beruit. awkward..
by ruitplayer December 27, 2008
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