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my gut hurts, commonly used by people who think that rafle is too gay, and that lool sounds extremely homosexual
Loser1:im stupid
Loser2:so am i, rofl, lol
Bad Ass1: YOUR GAY,
Bad ass2: haha, mgh
by Facts March 26, 2004
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Beruit is the drinking game where you thrown the ping-pong ball into the cup and the opposing team must drink that cup. beer pong is played with actual ping pong balls and paddles. HOWEVER, the name beer pong has been widely taking over as the game in which the ball is thrown into the cup, i.e. Beruit. Beer pong and beruit are pretty much the same game with different "house rules" all over the country. Describing beer pong or beruit with specific rules should not be done because of the variation of the game, if said that your rules are correct and everyone else is wrong then you just being arrogant and naive.
guy1: lets play beer pong
guy2: u moron its called beruit
guy1: beer pong!
guy2: beruit!
guy3: who the f cares its the same thing lets drink until we can't feel feeling anymore
guy1: word
guy2: word
by Facts June 22, 2004
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