A relaxing person, who seems to be calm and shy but honestly is very attentively and listens to what you're saying. A Bernd looks deep into your eyes. He is very self-conscious and a proud men.
Yesterday I got to know a wonderful men!
- Why was he so wonderful?
He listened to me and seemed to be SO attentively, it made me feel so special!
- It must have been a Bernd!
by Lisheygreenleaf January 23, 2017
A behindertness of person. Always having bock auf stock - besser als cock
by HEFTIGERBOY33 April 15, 2017
The best and sexiest dad of all time
Bernd the perfect Dad Dad
by Peter35t4 February 22, 2017
Bernd is a german name which is an amazing name. most people around him love him and some hate him. Bernd has blue eyes which makes him really attractive.
wow i just saw a nice guy with blue eyes his name might be Bernd
by Imalwaysnice August 13, 2017
A Bernd (pronounced burnt) is a friend you wonder why you’re friends with but don’t regret having him as a friend. He is very autistic tho so watch out for that.
Guy 1: “Hey who’s the weird autistic kid there?”
Guy 2: “Idk, probably a Bernd judging from his autistic behavior.”
by DatYellowChinwa April 3, 2018
Bernd is a muppet, obviously a bread, he is depressed and popular in the german country. He is known for being in the closedown from the kids channel „KIKA“. His episodes play in the timespan from 9PM-6AM daily. the episodes shown there change every few months. Mostly he is in a white place, called the „white hell“. (It is a TV and Bernd can’t get out because of technical issues) Bernd often tries to escape by running though the screen, but he comes back into the screen on the other side. he gets bullied in there by a voice called „whitebox“, which he destroys at the end of one episode. Bernd tells the viewers to turn off the TV or change the channels, cause he just wants to get out of there. He likes „Mehlsuppe“. He often says his well known word, „Mist“. - Translated to English: „crap“
Person1: have you seen Bernd the bread? He’s hilarious!
Person2: mist.

A/N: there’s a gif of him below!
by tommykilledwomen July 27, 2021