Literally the name of someone who is the Jesus of Fortnite and any other video game.
Damn my G Mist is slaying out there.
by Breakfast Is Rare April 23, 2019
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verb. To douse a peer or stranger using a bottle of any type of liquor. Beer is most often preferred due to its economic vaue, while on the same token, more expensive beverages can heighten the excitement of all involved.
"Mist me, Michael!"; "Beverly! Get misted, girl!"; He was in desperate need of a shower following a good night of misting.
by Candle in the Mist September 18, 2006
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Crazy in a good way. One of the funniest, hottest most bootylicious girls you'll ever meet. Singer. Dancer. Life of the party. It really doesn't get any better than her. She's on the hunt for her international love, but she isn't scared to break a few hearts along the way; she breaks your heart, never the other way around. Mist is basically a badass and a force to be reckoned with. She's a blessing in your life and you're lucky to know her. She truly is a god among mortals.
I hope my son brings a Mist home one day.
by loversparadise September 22, 2019
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Watch ouy for this one, a one of a kind player for CS and other games =)
by Anonymous July 2, 2003
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by Mr Mist February 11, 2005
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